Thinking about Instagram? Read this first.

Wondering if Instagram is worth it?

If so, today’s article is for you, and it’s all thanks to Tash and Viv from Ace The Gram. Two local gals who have mind blowing expertise when it comes to Instagram.

But before we dive into their Insta-tips, we must say a special thanks to PoweringOn – a local programme that’s helping Tauranga businesses get digitally savvy. They’re putting people like Tash and Viv in front of local businesses, and today’s tips are from one of their sessions.

Could Instagram work for your business?

Instagram is a way of being discovered. Everyday people use it for shopping, ideas, inspiration, research, recruitment, advice, recommendations, personal growth – the list could go on. So if you’re not on it, you could be missing out. Read More

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Good Old Days

Heard the latest Macklemore song?

It’s called Good Old Days, and it’s getting thrashed at my house.

The song suggests that in the future, we’ll look back on this particular time in our lives, and realise how awesome it was.

“I wish somebody would have told me that
Some day, these will be the good old days”

Now I’m not qualified to talk about life in general, but I can say that from a marketing perspective – these are the good old days. Read More

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I have a mate who likes fishing.

Let’s call him Tom, because that’s his name.

Tom likes getting out in the boat, and dropping his line in – but here’s the thing, he doesn’t actually like catching fish.

So he doesn’t bait his hooks.

I recently discovered Tom’s been fishing for years without bait, so that he looks the part, but doesn’t have to reel anything in.

And it got me thinking – there are plenty of businesses who approach online marketing like Tom does fishing.

They create a website, but they don’t publish any content to it.

No blog articles.

Very few pages.

No bait.

And without bait, in a sea of online competition – it’s hard to compete. Hard to get found.

I like to think of each blog article as a burley bomb around a subject area. But instead of disappearing, each article lasts for years, so that whenever the right customer comes along, you’re giving yourself the best chance of reeling them in.

If you know you should be blogging, but you don’t have time to do it yourself, we can help. The first step is to meet with me.

~ Dan

Ps – I don’t really like fishing either Tom.





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Tricking google

The world has changed.

Well, the online world has at least – especially when it comes to the copywriting on your website.

You see, in the past, it was all about tricking Google.

Stuff your website full of keywords they said, and you’ll appear higher up the search results they said.

It made sense 12 years ago, but unfortunately (and thankfully) it doesn’t work like that anymore.

Because Google is smarter now. Read More

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Wants and needs

Wondering where to advertise online?

The answer depends on whether you sell a want or a need.

For example, if you sell something that people know they need, then Google Adwords is a good place to start.

Think car tyres, storage sheds and plumbing.

Consumers know they need these things, they search when they do, and if they click on your adwords advert, they’re probably ready to make a purchasing decision.

But on the other hand, if you sell something that people want, then Facebook advertising would be where I’d begin. Read More

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Lucky Lucky Noodle

Heard of Lucky Lucky Noodle?

It’s a pop-up noodle cart that’s leveraging social media, and from what I can see, it’s going pretty well for them.

How it works is, if you’d like some Asian noodles for lunch, you’ll need to keep an eye on their Facebook or Instagram to see where they’ll be that day, and what they’ll be serving.For example, I recently had their Chicken Laksa in a random Mount Maunganui carpark. And it was delicious. 🍜✌🏼 Read More

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Your digital canvas

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do” – M. Porter.

I freak’n love this quote.

Because it’s super relevant with digital marketing.

For example, right now you could:

– Send an email newsletter
– Craft an engaging Facebook post
– Write a 600 word blog article
– Or do a million other things

But the question is, which of these things (if any) will move you towards your business goal?

Or to flip it around, which things can you safely ignore? Read More

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Action will be rewarded

The property market was crazy 2 years ago.

I know this, because my wife and I were trying to buy a house at the time.

Houses were selling at auction for ridiculous money, and we simply couldn’t compete.

So we took a different approach:

– We dropped handwritten notes into the letterboxes of houses we liked (70 in total)
– We spent $500 on Facebook ads (asking people in Tauranga to sell us their house)
– And we worked our networks, asking anyone and everyone if they knew someone thinking of selling

But despite our best efforts, none of it worked – so back to the drawing board we went.

And a month later, after missing out on a bunch more properties, we realised the problem. The problem was, we were focusing our energy on new listings, just like our competitors – other home buyers.  Read More

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Reverse Psychology

“Don’t buy anything for Dad this Father’s day”

That’s the subject line of an email I received from Cactus Outdoor Clothing yesterday, and whoever wrote it deserves a medal.

They deserve a medal, because they managed to cut through the barrage of Father’s Day email marketing efforts, and flip the ‘buy this thing for Dad’ approach completely on its head.

The email from Cactus goes on to explain that most Dad’s simply want to spend time with their family, so you don’t need to buy them anything. But if you must buy them something, outdoor gear would be a great choice.

Well played Cactus Outdoor. Well played.

As a business, you recognised that consumers are sick and tired of being sold to, so you took a different approach – and your subject line had my attention instantly.

And even though you said not to, I want to buy something from you. Maybe a mountain bike bag for my next trip.


If you’d like your email campaigns to cut through inbox clutter like this one from Cactus does, let’s meet and brainstorm your approach.

ps – here’s the email from Cactus Outdoor. There are a few other things I’d change, but the most important thing (the subject line) is first class.

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Riding shotgun

Over the past 9 months, I’ve been working on a side project.

And it’s nothing to do with Likeable.

In fact, it’s not even digital, it’s a real world product – a kids mountain bike seat.

It’s called the shotgun seat, and it’s designed by my friend Tom who’s pretty handy at making stuff.

Anyway, earlier this year, the local paper saw one of our Facebook posts, and asked to run a story. And towards the end of the interview, they asked for our web address.

So I made one up. Read More

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