Facebook Wars

Putting all your eggs in one basket can be risky.

And that’s why we never put all of ours in the same one. We experiment, we tweak and we trial.

That’s the beauty of digital.

So when we decided to create some Facebook ads for Likeable recently, we decided to have some fun with it.

A game called Likeable Facebook Wars ⚔️

We each took 1 hour of time, a $100 budget, over a one week timeframe and we created a Facebook ad to see which one had the best response. The best response being who got the most downloads from their ad.

Want to know who won?

We’ll get to that. But before we do, we want to show you the ads we created and what approach we each took.


Sophie’s ad

Dan’s ad

Kat’s ad

You’ll see I went with a left field approach spending half of my budget on the free voucher and half on the ad-spend. Dan went for raw factual content to gain your trust. And Kat showed off her humorous side to make you giggle.

By trialling all three ads we were able to see which one performed best and now can continue to use the best performer to maximise results.

If you’re after some fresh ideas for your Facebook ads get in touch.

~ Sophie

PS. Who’s ad do you think got the most downloads? Check below for the winner of Likeable Facebook Wars.


Answer: Kat 😀

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Car crash

Last week I crashed my car.

I was driving home from town when it happened.

I crashed into the car in front, because I was looking at a bunch of police officers entering a property, rather than watching where I was going. Yes, I was rubbernecking.

How embarrassing.

But luckily the police were right there to help push my car off the road after the airbags deployed. And thankfully no-one was hurt.

As the tow-truck took my car away, I realised the moral of the story. Don’t worry about what others are up to and don’t get distracted.

Same goes for digital marketing.

There are thousands of things you could be doing, but only a handful you should. Don’t get distracted by what every Tom, Dick and Harry are up to. Do the things that work for you.

For Likeable, we’ve worked out that our blog, our email marketing and our Facebook page are the main things that work for us. We focus on getting those right.

What about you?

Can we help you focus on the right things for your digital marketing? Meet with us.

~ Likeable Ryan

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2 years ago.

That’s when we first started talking to Smart Pack.

Founded by Leon Currie, Smart Pack supply flexible industrial packaging, specialising in bags and sacks for the primary industry.

Anyway, back in 2016, we offered to help Smart Pack with their email marketing and blogging.

Email marketing, because they wanted to keep in touch with their growing list of contacts.

Blogging, because they wanted to position themselves as experts in their field.

It made sense, but unfortunately, it didn’t eventuate at the time. You know how it goes.

But thankfully, Leon was on our Friday email list. So we’ve kept in touch over the years. And just last month, I nearly fell off my chair when Leon said yes to working with us.

So, last week I published Smart Pack’s first blog and sent their first email campaign. The stats were good, but Leon’s feedback was what really mattered.

Leon tells us he’s wrapped with the response from customers and prospects. And he now has a number of new opportunities in front of him — all because of his first email campaign. He’s also noticed other flow-on effects with increased traffic to his website and activity on Linkedin where he shared the blog.

Now Leon gets how blogging and email marketing works, and we’re committed to helping him for the rest of 2018. The old win-win might sound like a cliche, but it’s certainly the case here.

The take-home message? Get started. Don’t wait 2 years like Leon did because you’re missing opportunities. Leon will tell you that himself.

If you’re sharing relevant, helpful content with your customers, they’ll thank you for it — and eventually, want to work with you. 😀

Want to start email marketing to your customers? Meet with us.

~ Likeable Kat

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Copywriting Hacks

This is my 115th Friday blog.

Yesterday, I looked back at my first ever blog and realised how crap it was. And it made me realise how much I’ve learnt about writing over the past 4 years.

So today, I’m sharing 3 copywriting hacks – the 3 resources that have changed the way we write at Likeable.

1. How to sell the crap out of anything (by Dane Maxwell)

I loved this 10-step guide so much, we made a simplified version of it at Likeable and called it the anatomy of a blog.

2. The 16-part snackable writing course (Enchanting Marketing)

This 16 day mini-course is full of helpful copywriting shortcuts. Enchanted also offer an in-depth copywriting course. Well worth the US$2k investment.

3. Hemingway app

This app makes you a better writer. Copy and paste any text into the app, and it will show you were you’re going wrong. Copy and paste the words from your website homepage to check it out for yourself.

Need help to improve your copywriting effort? Meet with us.

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The coast to coast

Next week I’m doing the coast to coast.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a 243km multi-sport event that starts near Greymouth and finishes up in Christchurch.

It’s going to be epic.

But to say it’s been a heavy training schedule is a bit of an understatement.

I’ve put in 370 hours so far. Around 2000kms of running, over 3000kms on the bike, and a bit of time in the kayak.

But I’m not complaining, because we all know big goals take work. And whether you’re competing in a multi-sport event, or competing online – the principles are the same.

Deciding on the goal
Committing (for me it was paying the $2000 entry fee!)
Doing the work

So what’s the big goal for your business this year?

If transforming your online approach is at the top of your list, but you don’t know where to start, let’s talk.

~ Likeable Sophie

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Company mantra

“No one is to sell anything.”

That’s the mantra of a company we’ve just started working with, and I must say – it’s refreshing.

Instead of the sales team being encouraged to push product at every opportunity, the directive from management is to focus on relationships first, with the belief that sales will follow.

And it looks like it’s working out for them. 50 staff and a multi-million dollar turnover.

But it’s not just bricks and mortar stuff, because their no one is to sell anything approach extends to their online effort too. So you won’t see any Facebook posts promoting product – for them, it’s all about starting conversations and demonstrating expertise.

So what’s your approach this year? If we can help you not sell anything on Facebook, you should contact us.

~ Kat

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What the latest Facebook changes mean for your business

Last week, Facebook announced some changes.

They’ll be prioritising posts from friends above posts from businesses.

The goal is to make Facebook a better experience for their 2.07 billion users across the globe. Makes sense.

But the reaction from marketing people around the globe has been mixed. Some are worried.

Whether you should be worried or not, depends on your current Facebook approach.

  • If you see your Facebook page as purely a sales channel, you should stop now.
  • If your posts get barely any likes or comments – it’s only going to get worse.
  • If you’re not prepared to boost or promote your Facebook content, it’s going to become even harder to get seen.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, it’s the exact opposite.

These latest Facebook changes are fantastic news, because they reward businesses who are producing and promoting engaging content, and that’s what we’re all about at Likeable.

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Advent Calendar Conundrum

I have 3 advent calendars at my place.

One for each Son.

Our youngest pays little attention to the date and has eaten all of his chocolates already.

On the other hand, our eldest hasn’t eaten any yet, he’s thinking long-term and saving them all up for Christmas day.

But thankfully our middle Son is following convention, eating one each day like you’re meant to – but don’t get me started on the whole chocolate for breakfast thing.

Anyway, all this advent calendar activity got me thinking – digital marketing is a lot like chocolate consumption.

You don’t want to have such a short-term focus, that you’re operating hand to mouth. But you also don’t want to think so far into the future that you starve yourself in the here and now. Read More

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Hole in one

My friend Brad hit a hole in one last month.

It was on the 11th hole at the Australian Open, and he won a luxurious Tag Heuer watch for his trouble.

But whilst the 15 seconds of TV coverage showed the ball going into the hole, what it didn’t show was the 28 years of training, the hours of practice each week, and the effort that led up to that moment.

It’s that whole iceberg thing. You know. What you see on top is nothing compared to the dedication underneath.

And it’s no different with digital marketing, where the effort goes in under the surface.

– 4 hours to write a blog that will be consumed in under 2 minutes
– An hour to compose an email that will actually get read
– 15 minutes worth of work for 5 seconds of attention on Facebook Read More

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Thinking about Instagram? Read this first.

Wondering if Instagram is worth it?

If so, today’s article is for you, and it’s all thanks to Tash and Viv from Ace The Gram. Two local gals who have mind-blowing expertise when it comes to Instagram.

But before we dive into their Insta-tips, we must say a special thanks to PoweringOn – a local programme that’s helping Tauranga businesses get digitally savvy. They’re putting people like Tash and Viv in front of local businesses, and today’s tips are from one of their sessions.

Could Instagram work for your business?

Instagram is a way of being discovered. Every day people use it for shopping, ideas, inspiration, research, recruitment, advice, recommendations, personal growth – the list could go on. So if you’re not on it, you could be missing out. Read More

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