About Us

Who is Likeable Lab?

Relationships. Expertise. Excellence. Results.

Likeable Lab is a spin-off of the highly respected Precision Universal group of companies founded by Nick McDonald in 2006. In 2016 we took our intricate knowledge of engagement in formats such as webinars, seminars, and videos and started to apply this skill set in the shorter-form of social media engagement for financial institutions. The results were impressive and the business grew fast. We quickly began delivering social media results for multiple industries … our key criteria was that we understood the business and their target client. In 2018, Social With Precision, as the company was originally called, became Likeable Lab after buying another awesome business called Likeable and merging the two.

We have the right balance of expertise to engage and attract your target audience, plus social media advertising expertise to deliver on campaigns every time.  Finally, we have the design expertise to make sure your content is on-brand and looking great.

Our high respect garnered from close working relationships with our clients over many years, our decade-long finance industry expertise and experience working with large, global brands, our constantly upheld standard of excellence and our focus on delivering ROI from social media, all combine to make us the best choice for your social media needs.

Contact us today and one of the team will be in touch in 24 hours or less (guaranteed – go on, test us out!) to begin discussing your requirements and providing you with a no-obligation proposal on how we will achieve your business goals via social media.

After more than a decade of business, our relationships and reputation mean everything to us. We will work closely with you and become one of your team. Our goal is to deliver excellence, not just every day, but for the long term. This starts with great service. Test us out by making contact today!

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