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What we do.

We manage social media, write blog articles and conduct email marketing for our clients. Learn more about our services.

What makes us different?

If you’re looking for a big agency, with big overheads, we’re not for you.

  • We don’t have an office; but we know of a great cafe for our next meeting
  • We don’t have an hourly rate; we charge based on outputs instead
  • We keep our business lean and focus on delivering quality work

We also think that for digital, creative businesses like ours, the traditional 9-5 working week isn’t ideal. So we all work flexible hours, with a focus on balancing work with other stuff.

Who is Likeable?

We’re a small team with big aspirations, meet the team below.

Likeable LindsayLikeable Lindsay 😯 👌 😉
Account Manager / Reno extraordinaire

Life before Likeable: After starting out in law, Lindsay turned her skills to policy and communications, spending time in Washington DC and London before moving to NZ’s biggest little city; Auckland, and marrying a good looking jaffa. She convinced hubby to relocate to the sunny Bay, where she grew up, and is now turning her skills to digital marketing, while reno-ing their 1960’s abode and chasing after two gorgeous kiddos.

Strengths: Ideation, Activator, Belief, Context, Includer.

Talk to Lindsay about: Why digital marketing is important for your company’s reputation, apostrophes and how to strip wallpaper in 10 minutes.

Likeable NancyLikeable Nancy 😂 ✌️
Account Manager / Super mum

Life before Likeable: A trained Occupational Therapist, Nancy spent eight years helping people from all walks of life succeed. She then took on her biggest project – growing her own little humans. Then in search of the ultimate work-life balance, she stumbled across a job advert calling for a coffee-loving Facebook ninja. Perfect. Since joining Likeable in 2016, Nancy’s digital knowledge has grown in leaps and bounds; she’s now our resident content pocket rocket.

Strengths: Connectedness, Positivity, Belief, Individualisation, Relator.

Talk to Nancy about: What’s new on Facebook, the latest foodie trends, and what makes people tick.

Likeable ClaireLikeable Claire ❤️ 😎 🌏
Admin & Accounts / Global explorer

Life before Likeable: After completing high school in Tauranga, Claire found her groove working for a temp agency in Welly, taking on the likes of banks, ferry services and telecommunications firms. After tying the knot, she spent a year galavanting around the world, before settling back in beautiful Tauranga to start her family. With Claire’s youngest child starting school recently, she’s back at work and loving it.

Strengths: Discipline, Consistency, Relator, Developer, Belief.

Talk to Claire about: Paying your account or globe trotting with small children.

Likeable KatLikeable Kat 😀 🍷 👍
Account Manager / Press up master

Life before Likeable: With a Masters in product development, Kat worked for companies like Formway, Triodent and Locus Research before joining Likeable in 2015, becoming a shareholder in 2016. Now Likeable gets to utilise Kat’s design, marketing and brand prowess, in between school pick-ups and gym workouts of course.

Strengths: Individualisation, Ideation, Strategic, Relator, Learner

Talk to Kat about: Your digital marketing effort and how to bear crawl.

Likeable RyanLikeable Ryan 🐓 💪 🐄
General Manager / Wannabe farmer

Life before Likeable: Originally from South Africa, Ryan moved to New Zealand with his family in 1999, settling in the sunny Bay of Plenty. With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, Ryan became a Likeable shareholder in 2016, and is now responsible for important things like the Likeable team culture and customer happiness. Ryan and his family recently moved to a lifestyle block in Oropi, so in his spare time (!) Ryan tries his best to keep his farm animals alive.

Strengths: Connectedness, Developer, Learner, Positivity, Belief

Talk to Ryan about: Where you want your business to be in two years, or what not to do on a lifestyle block.

Likeable DanLikeable Dan 🌲 🚲
Founder / Amateur mountain biker

Life before Likeable: After gaining a marketing degree from Waikato Uni, Dan co-founded a text messaging startup in the days before smartphones. Later he jumped ship to corporate life, joining Westpac as a business banker in sunny Tauranga and started a family with his beautiful wife. After 2-years crunching numbers, Dan returned to his marketing roots and founded Likeable in 2012.

Strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Ideation, Empathy, Relator.

Talk to Dan about: Digital marketing strategy, the future of work and which trails to ride in the Redwood forest.

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